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Shôninki is a Japanese treatise on espionage (ninjutsu) and scouting (sekkô) that was written down in 17th century Japan (1681) by Natori Sanjûrô Masazumi, a retainer from the Kishû domain. It is one of Japan’s main three secret treatises (sandai hidensho) of medieval Japanese espionage (koryû ninjutsu), the other two being Bansenshûkai and Ninpiden (also Shinobi Hiden).

Shôninki - Historische Geheimschrift der Ninja (2004)

The first worldwide complete translation of Shôninki published in German in the year 2004.

Shôninki - A Strategic Treatise on Espionage by Historical Ninja (2010)

2010 the English complete translation of Shôninki published with additional research results. e.g. strategic, philosophical and social influences, a historical   study and direct comparisons to Bansenshûkai and Ninpiden, available in print or ebook.

A Sneak peak into the analysis section of book itself you find here:

Shôninki - Influence of Literature.pdfWelcome_files/Sho%CC%82ninki%20-%20Influence%20of%20Literature.pdfhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_1_link_0

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